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It's only a matter of time.

From small business owners making all the decisions to maintenance managers controlling medium to large size buildings still need to have their property's commercial carpets cleaned at some point. Here we are to fulfill that need! Tough decisions when planning and coordinating projects, but no worries we have tons of experience in commercial carpet cleaning. Finding a reliable company for the job is vital 4SanNity.

Many logical questions you may have for us:

How long will the carpets take to dry?
Is the solution(s) hazarded to the health of the workforce?
Is it a hazard to walk on while cleaning is in progress?
Will the machinery be extremely noisy (distracting) if we commit to service during working hours?
How long does this service take to complete?

If you need to have work performed during can accommodate you with those request.

Typically the same type.

Commercial carpets are typically a short pile type of carpet. It's designed to withstand a lot of foot traffic, and it can hold (or hide) a decent amount of soil. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to neglect it, but more like buying you time in between cleanings. Soiling may not show up right away; it is hidden, and you may not know this, but the most significant percentage of soil is dry. Dry gritted soil can damage your fiber tip. Vacuuming is the key to preventing an extensive amount of soil buildup, and that’s the only way to get rid of it. For this reason, you can only imagine how much extra soil builds up is in your carpets.

This is how we do it.

One of our methods for commercial carpet cleaning is using a Muiltiwash machine, which is a low moisture micro scrubber. A downward force base scrubber, but designed gentle enough not to damage. Plus it will not over saturate your carpets with solution and water.

This process lessens the chance of mold or mildew growth underneath the carpet, reappearing spots, and foul odors left behind in your carpets. Agitating and carpet pile lifting from this brushing action makes for a superior carpet cleaning while renewing carpet appearance and extending your carpets lifecycle.

We vacuum, pre-treat with a stronger mix (soil spots & high traffic lanes), and spray our green ECO-Friendly carpet cleaning solution. We do move small pieces of furniture like wooden leg chairs, rolling chair on wheels, and cocktail tables. For liability reasons, Sanitize 4 Serenity is not responsible for moving heavy and large pieces of furniture.

The timeline.

Your carpets dry in about an hour. High traffic and stain areas may require longer drying times (up to 3 hours). We place plastic tabs underneath replaced furniture we've moved with metal or wooden legs to avoid bleeding after carpet cleaning is complete. We are flexible in servicing your location during business hours, after hours or overnight. Our machines are quite to the point that we would not disturb many.

Good care, with experience.

All of this is done nondestructively to your carpets as we have stated earlier. We use one or two different types of deodorizing enzymes to help with fighting small odors and bacteria. We can handle office buildings, schools, day care centers, gyms, restaurants, churches, storefronts, box stores, etc. We've performed work for local companies like Barcoding, Maryland SPCA, churches like First Apostolic Faith Church, schools like Tunbridge Public Charter School, Seton Keough High School and national companies like FedEx Kinkos, Footlockers, to name a few. We'll work hard to be able to handle your needs.


Carpet Cleaning Specialist
IICRC Certification

A very effective method?

ECO - Friendly

Using is a non-toxic solution safe for people and pets. Lower impact on the environment than hot-water extraction (steam cleaning). Indoor air quality can be improved. Our solution reduces carpet re-soiling after cleaning because it lacks the detergent-based ingredients that leave behind residue.

Dry in 30 min.

Drying time is quick (15 minutes to 3 hours). Carpets stay cleaner longer between cleanings. We control the moisture. No excessive water or overheating. No delamination of carpet (weakening the back or glue of carpets). No mold or mildew growth underneath your carpets.

Wool safe

For those that have this tremendous fiber, a natural fiber I might add. Need a solution that's conducive for that particular fiber. We are proud to say that our solution is wool safe for those situations. Some may not know this, but most solutions are not wool safe, and others should be used with caution on your carpets or upholstery. There's a select group that owns this type of material so, use a preferred kind of solution to complement it.

Berber carpets

This method of carpet cleaning is your friend. Berber carpet is one of if not the hardest carpet to clean. It's a tightly woven carpet and is a little challenging for other methods. Many others charge more if they find out you have Berber. Not us! This scrubbing action is ideal for that type of carpet.

Method of Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming your carpet is the first thing we need to do because the dry soil removal is a major part of carpet cleaning. Moving some furniture just before we may need to pretreat any troubled soiled areas. Our Detergent Free Cleaner is sprayed just before an Absorbent Pad is used to extract soil. After our prep work is complete, Low Moisture Cleaning also is known as Bonnet cleaning is performed.

Our method we use is one of only five ways to clean carpet. It is a rotary system; we scrub your carpets clean in a 'nondestructive' way. Solutions are sprayed, and it dissolves soil, loosens it from its grip on carpet, suspends and allows us to extract, the result is locked into our pads. We do not use detergents in the form of a dry solvent based or any carbonated type solutions. We use a  detergent free cleaning solution. A non-toxic ECO-Friendly product is safe for humans, pets and it’s wool safe. During the agitation phase of soil suspension, the bonnet attracts and absorbs suspended soils for removal.
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