Rest should be peaceful

Mattresses are where we spend the most time, well, at least we try to, why not have it spot free? If a spot sets in too long, it turned into a stain, and that's a different challenge. Many accidents happen beyond our control a lot of the time. We are aware, and we hear all about many situations that occur.

Many accidents happen

One e.g. a friend or relative stays the night and just might have had too much to drink. Freshening it back up just maybe what you need. It gives you peace of mind knowing the place you rest at or maybe on is clean and sanitized. So, call us today we can help with accidents in bed like urine, blood, vomit, wine, etc..

Two different types

We get the question all of the time about cleaning mattresses vs. sanitizing mattresses. Although we are using solutions that help kill germs in a mattress cleaning. It's like night and day service from mattress sanitizing. If you are suffering from asthma or allergies, we use a different machine to achieve our goal there for you.

Working hard to remove them

You can get much more information for mattress sanitizing. The concerns with a lot of people that need their mattress cleaned are moving companies dragging the mattress across the floor of a truck. Or it was setting in storage for years, and they have black marks on it too. Leaving dark black soil strikes and marks down the side of the mattress are hard to remove, but we work very hard at removing them.



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Method of Mattress Cleaning

Vacuuming your carpet is the first thing we need to do because the dry soil removal is a major part of carpet cleaning. Moving some furniture just before we may need to pretreat any troubled soiled areas. Our Detergent Free Cleaner is sprayed just before an Absorbent Pad is used to extract soil. After our prep work is complete, Low Moisture Cleaning also is known as Bonnet cleaning is performed.

Our method we use is one of only five ways to clean carpet. It is a rotary system; we scrub your carpets clean in a 'nondestructive' way. Solutions are sprayed, and it dissolves soil, loosens it from its grip on carpet, suspends and allows us to extract, the result is locked into our pads. We do not use detergents in the form of a dry solvent based or any carbonated type solutions. We use a  detergent free cleaning solution. A non-toxic ECO-Friendly product is safe for humans, pets and it’s wool safe. During the agitation phase of soil suspension, the bonnet attracts and absorbs suspended soils for removal.

Remove odor (if not too old)
ECO-Friendly Solution (some methods)
Detergent free (some methods)
Remove unsightly spots
Pretreat watermark rings
Freshen up

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